an excerpt from an e-mail to a friend:

As for love, well, what can I say?
everyone needs someone. that knows everything without being told.
Maybe he exists in our own minds, in that specific way.
And it’s hard to ignore that urge, to be with someone.
It’s hard to pretend that it’s marginal, unimportant and mushy.
So I won’t ask you not to think about it.
I should ask you though, to have patience.
and patience, unlike waiting, is a struggle. (And that’s my answer for my own question that I posed on philo-night)
When you’re patient, you’re struggling against the world, against difficult circumstances, against urges, desires and temptations.
While waiting, is only a lack of action, a passive existence in the hopes of a better tomorrow, a solution out of nowhere, something to come along and rescue you.
When you’re patient, you’re in a battle, mostly against yourself. When you’re waiting, you just hold on.
When you’re patient, you have faith, in god and in yourself. In God, because He shall reward you, no less than you deserve, and in yourself, because in you being patient, you acknowledge that you deserve more than what life is throwing your way, that you are rising above silly circumstances or an impulsive desire, that you are the most graceful creature god has created, and that you will rise above and be patient.
While in waiting, you crack your knuckles, tap your foot, look at your watch … and wait.
So that being said, I ask of you to be patient. To fight that urge of finding someone. To have faith in God that He will throw someone your way when *you* are ready. That, you’ve waited for so long, and it will not and shall not and will not … go in vain. Because no good deed does. And in that specific matter, holding ourselves from being swapped away in that termoil of puppy love, young relationships and affairs is indeed a good deed. And that is why it will not go in vain. Because, come on, If you want a boyfriend, you can get one … it’s not like it’s a hard thing to do …
but instead, you want something bigger, more meaningful and hopefully everlasting.
I like to believe that this in itself is a struggle. A struggle against a society that makes love relationships seem so easy, while in fact they are not.
A struggle against a society which makes love more of a market than an actual valuable exchange of hearts. A struggle against our own desire to become part of this society. A struggle against the urge to love and be loved in return, the temptation of living the romance we see all around and that is planted in our heads. We struggle, and i like to think that it will not go in vain.
It’s not easy, and it gets harder everyday. Not only because you’re wishing for that someone to come along already, but also because of the pressure that is exerted on us to get jiggy with it.
It’s not easy.
But they didn’t call patience a virtue for nothing.

Riem A. Hassan


5 Responses to “17.3.2009”

  1. Nourhan S. said

    You can’t imagine how much I enjoyed reading this! It felt like reading the script of one of these internal conversations I have with myself all the time =))

  2. Ahmad said

    Hmmm what can i say ? The words of a wise human !

  3. I wouldn’t exactly call it “wise”…it’s just…honest, maybe =)

  4. Maxxed'ouT said

    It still annoys the living hell out of me the way you spell it….. Riem!

    Nice blog.

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